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Sulphur Industry

Sulphur Industry

The Sulphur furnace in a Sulphur burning, sulphuric acid plant is generally a large horizontal cylindrical vessel of carbon steel, lined internally with refractory work. Air and liquid Sulphur are fed into the furnace via a Sulphur gun equipped with an atomizing spray nozzle. The internals of a Sulphur furnace are important to ensure complete combustion of Sulphur to Sulphur dioxide. The reaction is highly exothermic resulting in a large temperature increase. A waste heat boiler downstream of the furnace is used to remove much of the heat of combustion.

Exothermic reaction of formation of “Sulphur diaoxide” results in large temperature increase. However, this reaction does not occur at ambient temperatures. This process can occur continuously, if furnace temperature is raised above the ignition temperature of “Sulphur in the presence of oxygen”.

We at Combustion Concepts, supply start-up Burners required to raise the temperature of Sulphur furnace to ensure complete combustion of “Sulphur to Sulphur diaoxide”. After reaching temperatures above ignition temperature, start-up burner is removed and replaced by “Sulphur gun” on the furnace. See below process layout of Sulphur furnace for better understanding:

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