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Ring Main Systems

Ring Main Systems

The main purpose of Ring Main System are as follows:

(1)  To maintain a positive pressure of 2 to 3 bars at the inlet of individual “Heating and Pumping Units (HPU)” of the burner. This will eliminate cavitation / vapour lock in the system while using heated heavy oils.

(2)  Flow meter can be installed between RMS and HPU to measure the quantity of oil consumed in the burner, where “Spill return type” burners are used.

They contain the following:

(1)  Incoming header between oil tank and RMS.

(2)  Duplex Oil Filter.

(3)  Oil pump with motor (1 No. working & 1 No. standby).

(4)  Inlet pressure regulating valve (IPRV).

(5)  Outlet header with pressure indicator.

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