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Electronic Burners Additional Acessories

Electronic Burners Additional Acessories

The Combustion Concepts Digital Burner having following additional features.

Variable speed drive (VSD)

How does VSD save energy, and what other benefits does it offer? Burners with modulating load control have a variable rate of fuel throughput for which the corresponding volume of combustion air is required.

Combustion air volume is usually controlled mechanically by an air damper while the burner motor runs at a constant speed. Running the motor at 100 % capacity when only 50 % is required is a waste of energy, which the use of VSD could have saved.

VSD offers other benefits too. Reduced motor speed results in quieter operation, smoother running, and perfect starting behaviour.

O2 trim and CO control.

With amortisation periods of just a few years, operating costs will be reduced on a continuing basis thereafter. And that is not all. Continuous monitoring and control to ensure combustion is CO free means increased operational safety.

Two independent measurement systems feed into the combustion manager’s compound regulation system, allowing continual real-time adjustments to be made without affecting operational availability or safety.

How does O2 trim increase efficiency?  The task of a burner is to mix air and fuel as homogeneously as possible, in the right proportions, so that optimal combustion can follow.

Combustion quality, in other words, how close one can get to stochiometric combustion with almost no CO, is one sign of the quality of a mixing assembly. This point is known as the combustion limit and it ultimately determines the amount of excess air with which the burner must be operated in order to counterbalance environmental influences, variations in fuel quality, pollution, and so on. Therefore excess air is ballast that increases the flue gas volume, causing the flow rate to increase. This results in reduced heat transfer and thus a reduction in efficiency.

O2 trim can’t improve a mixing assembly, but it can have an influence on the amount of excess air. By continually measuring the O2 content of the flue gas, the amount of excess air can be reduced to a minimum. Then, the flue gas volume decreases, the flow rate reduces, heat transfer improves, and the efficiency increases.

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