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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industries combine the medicinally active agents provided by a fine chemicals plant, or by extraction from vegetable, animal or other source, with suitable inactive ingredients so that the end product may be used in the correct dosage to produce the effect needed. Thus, pharmaceuticals may be liquids or emulsions to be taken by mouth; solids, which may be swallowed; or combined with oil or fats to make creams and ointments which, like some liquid products, are applied externally.

Despite the vast range of end products, much of the manufacturing plant is semi standard equipment, used across most of the industry. Heating, cooling, evaporating and drying units all use the normal plant services, alongside the mixing and shaping operations which lead eventually to filling and packaging to give the familiar end products. Recent economic reforms have resulted in development of new technologies and competition in the market, production of utilities like steam has become paramount important to have better quality and desired quantity of steam at a lower price in the pharmaceutical Industry.

Steam, hot air / water, thermic fluid are used in processes such as Melting, Clean Steam, Sterlisation, Heating, Humidification, Ventillation and Air-conditioning etc.

We have several installations in pharma industry for generating steam, hot water, hot air and thermic fluid heaters. Number of reputed OEM’s have standardized on our burners for their equipments. We have also retro-fitted our burners on these equipments for changeover to standard fuels or alternative fuels. We also offer AMC’s to keep your combustion equipment in excellent condition and reduce your fuel bills.

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