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Furniture Industry

Furniture Industry

Development of the wood drying techniques using saturated or superheated steam flows and gas-steam mixtures, have reduced waiting time for wood material for the furniture industry. Wood drying in addition to the technical importance brings economic benefits, such as protection of wood against fungi and fracture, which extends its life, facilitates machining and surface finishing of wood, fast drying (e.g. steam) improves the balance of wood, and brings savings in transport costs by reducing the weight of wood . The wood that has too high water content is not useful for the production of furniture. Changes in size and shape, occurring in the wood during the evaporation of water will affect the quality and dimensions of the furniture. The resistance to weather conditions is also higher.

Drying in superheated steam is economically justified because of the shorter processing time and reduced energy consumption, while it is, in this respect, better than drying in hot air. In the absence of oxygen there is no oxidation processes in the wood (although high-temperature of medium) and the danger of fire is excluded. Short drying time, lower energy consumption and high quality of wood after drying in an atmosphere of superheated steam are in favour of the use of this method in industrial practice

Printing, Coating, Laminating and Drying:

Roller heating, continuous drying and laminating is achieved with greatest accuracy and lowest operating cost with Thermal Fluid heating due to its advanced temperature control, simple automation and unattended start/stop design. All this means the highest quality products at the lowest production cost. Multi heater installations can be sequenced remotely to match the demands of production and are easily automated with the latest controls to provide ethernet LAN integration for remote monitoring of the complete process.

Our burners are installed on numerous boilers and thermic fluid heaters to give your plant un-interrupted supply of steam or hot thermic fluid. Due to very efficient burning process, your energy cost will be lower by changing over to our burners.

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