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Chemical Process Industry

Chemical Process Industry

Nearly all process heat used in chemical manufacturing can be classified as batch / continuous processes with indirect/direct heating methods provided by fuel or steam energy sources. Process heating is essential to the production of consumer and industrial goods. Energy efficiency gains have helped to alleviate the demand for energy in process heating applications, and they are expected to help alleviate future energy consumption. The expected increase in energy demand for process heating will not be offset by the current gains in energy efficiency, therefore resulting in an overall net increase in the demand for energy as the chemical industry grows. Although there is a very broad range of process uses and operations in the chemical industry, commonalities allow them to be grouped into the following categories:

• fluid heating
• calcining
• drying
• curing and forming
• other process heating operation

We have several installations in Chemical industry for generating steam, hot water, hot air and thermic fluid heaters. Number of reputed OEM’s have standardized on our burners for their equipments. We have also retro-fitted our burners on these equipments for changeover to standard fuels or alternative fuels. We also offer AMC’s to keep your combustion equipment in excellent condition and reduce your fuel bills.

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