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Shell Boilers

Shell Boilers

Shell boilers, also called smoke tube boilers or flue tube boilers, are robust type of boilers with a long service life. Due to their water/steam volume, they can respond especially well to fluctuating load conditions and capacity peaks. Modern shell boilers, which may be single or double combustion chamber boilers, cover the capacity requirements up to 60 t/h of steam with pressures up to 30 bar.

Shell boiler installations are found in most sectors of industries to generate heat or process steam. Number of OEM’s have standardized our burners for their Shell Boilers. We have good service team which provides customer support for these burners. We have also successfully retro-fitted new burners to modernize several existing shell boilers to meet the requirements of current emission standards, and reduce energy bills by supplying different fuel burners depending on “cost of fuels” at different times.

“Combustion Concepts” offers burners as well as accessories such as “Heating & Pumping units”, Gas Trains, Combustion fans, burner control systems and complete solutions. By choosing our company to supply “Burners & accessories”, you shall feel assured about right products and after sales support for new plants and also retro-fitting of your existing plant. Our ultimate aim is to ensure trouble free functioning and reducing your energy costs.

Some Special features of using “Combustion Concepts” Burners includes:

  • We have range of Burners suitable for firing standard and special fuels, for example lean gas, biogas, producer gas etc
  • Our Burner flame configuration is tailor made to suit different boiler / combustion chamber dimensions.
  • Our Burners are installed on large boilers for burning fuels like Biogas / Producer gas to supplement the main fuel.
  • Retro-fitting or modernization of existing boiler plants by installing new burners and/or additional modernization measures such as O2 control or the use of the latest control technology, etc.

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