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Electronic Burners with Lamtec CMS

Electronic Burners with Lamtec CMS

The intelligent system of the future.

Whether it be a standard industrial combustion or complex process application, LAMTEC’s revolutionary CMS Burner Management System sets new standards in control automation.

Modular: The CMS is simple and easily configured to meet a wide and varied range of application requirements from small industrial burners to large complex systems; everything is controllable. The CMS can control and address up to 10 combustion control elements, 60 failsafe digital inputs and 41 failsafe digital outputs. Modules can be distributed anywhere over a 100m LSB LAMTEC SYSTEM BUS; this increases design flexibility.

Safety: Modules are connected via a failsafe LSB LAMTEC SYSTEM BUS. The CMS is approved in accordance with the following relevant standards for industrial combustion applications: EN298, EN12067-2, EN1643, UL, CSA, AGA, GL Marine Approval, SIL 3 according to EN61508.

Communications: The CMS uses MODBUS TCP as a standard interface. Additional fieldbus communications such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS and MODBUS RTU are also supported. PC so_ ware to support commissioning can be connected via Ethernet. The CMS also provides communications via a web server allowing fast access to information. The CMS is compatible with the current LAMTEC SYSTEM BUS (LSB) and can therefore seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Simple: At LAMTEC, CMS stands for ‘Combustion Made Simple’; underlining the intuitive graphic-based user interface. The CMS interface is an evolution of the BT300 operating philosophy. Working with the CMS is intuitive and easy to learn for everyone.

Customisable: The standard graphic user interfaces are the simple UI400 and the 7” GUI607 colour touchscreen. However, the CMS is very flexible with HMIs and both 10” (GUI610) and 15” (GUI15) colour touchscreen panels are also available for delivery. Furthermore, it is possible to connect additional HMIs to allow control at different site locations. This feature is also available when using OEM HMI solutions.

Versatile: Integrated Soft-PLC (CODESYS) for non-failsafe control assignments. Instead of using an additional separate PLC control system you can programme the internal CODESYS PLC with IEC 61131 standard. Inputs and outputs of the CMS that are not used can be assigned freely as desired. CODESYS also enables users to customise touchscreen HMIs to their own requirements.

Flexibility: Inputs and outputs from the burner system can be freely assigned to the CMS modules. This feature enables users to design and configure the CMS to their individual application requirements. Spare I/O on the CMS modules can be assigned for use with the on-board CODESYS PLC. Single fuel, dual fuel and additional fuels can all be supported; safety chains or individual interlocks can also be assigned.

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