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30 Years of Reliability

For more than 3 decades, Combustion Concepts burners have proven themselves on a wide variety of process plants.

Combustion Concepts continuously established new benchmarks with its well-designed products. Now we have pleasure to introduce burners with electronically controlled Modulation Regulation (ECR)

Salient Features of ECR Burners are as follows:

Precise: Consciously reproducible Air and Fuel Ratio is precise and optimises combustion efficiency and saves fuel.

Simple Operation: Setting of the burner control system is through a PLC Based Combustion Manager enabling user friendly simple operation.

Safe and Reliable: Electronically controlled system is precise, simple and thus increases safety and reliability.

Variable Speed Drive: VSD can be easily linked to ECR Burner reduces electrical energy consumption and facilitates a safe start of combustion fan.

O2 Trimming and CO Monitoring: On – line analyser can be installed and linked to ECR burners to achieve extremely efficient optimisation of fuel consumption.

“CC” Digital Combustion Management system can be connected to external systems via fieldbus connection. Data regarding burner status and combustion process can be read remotely. Also, remote control (start, stop, reset) and settings (capacity controller, fuel selection) can be performed via fieldbus.

We have variety of Digital Burner controllers for various type of use as per end end-user requirement as mentioned below.

  1. Electronic Burners with Lamtec BT- 300.
  2. Electronic Burners with Lamtec CMS.
  3. Electronic Burners with Autoflame MK8.
  4. Electronic Burners Additional Acessories.
    1. Variable speed drive (VSD)
    2. O2 trim and CO control.

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