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Electronic Burners with Lamtec BT- 300

Electronic Burners with Lamtec BT- 300

The LAMTEC Burner Tronic BT300 offers a flexible and affordable Burner Control System that considerably increases burner efficiency.

The Burner Tronic BT300 offers a modular platform for modern burner control design. Optional expansion modules

enable systems to be individually configured to meet individual application requirements.

Salient Features:

  • One centralized processor for all burner functions.BT300
  • Extremely precise and reproducible air fuel control for optimal combustion efficiency.
  • Choice of flame scanner UV/ionization Rod / infrared scanner
  • Integral valve proving system for gas leakage
  • Integral Load Controller for Pressure / Temperature.LCM100
  • Speed Control Module (Optional)
  • O2 / CO on line monitoring (Optional)
  • O2 /CO trim connected to DCM (Optional)
  • Display of Combustion Efficiency (Optional)

The LAMTEC BurnerTronic BT300 Burner Control System combines the benefits of an electronic fuel/air ratio controller with an electronic burner control unit. Up to three motorised actuators can be assigned to modulate air and fuel drives with the option of an additional module to add variable speed drive control for the combustion air fan. Additional modules are available for fieldbus interfacing, load control and dual fuel operation. All modules communicate on the LAMTEC SYSTEM BUS (LSB).

The BurnerTronic BT300 includes many standard burner functions as standard, these include: integrated valve proving, flame monitoring and operating hours and system start-up counters. Oxygen trim, CO control, load control and dual fuel functionality are all available options that are used to further enhance system benefits, flexibility and efficiency.

Cost-saving installation

The BurnerTronic BT300 was designed to be mounted directly on the burner. Short wiring routes and pre-wired or ‘plug and socket’ motors significantly reduce installation time and reduce potential wiring errors. The BurnerTronic BT300 can meet most burner control applications and is scalable allowing modules, such as VSD fan control and CO/O2 control, to be added later to enhance functionality when requirements change.

The compact and modular architecture of the Burner- Tronic BT300 minimises potential hardware faults during the commission phase. Should a fault occur, concise messages are displayed on the UI300 HMI to help locate and diagnose the error quickly and efficiently. The UI300 user interface has been designed using innovative and intuitive symbols to guide users through all aspects of commissioning, maintenance and normal operation.

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