Thermic Fluid Heaters



Combustion Concepts offers you burners for use with thermal oil heaters, that can be operated with wide range of fuels from heavy oil to light oil, standard gaseous fuels like natural gas / LPG, medium calorific fuels like biogas as well as low calorific value fuels like producer gas. All burners can burn with high efficiency and low emissions. Normally combustion air is preheated in thermic fluid heaters before entering the burner and our burners have the advantage of using pre-heated combustion air.

Thermal oil heaters are used specially in chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and food industries to supply processes with heat at high temperature level 300 – 450 degree centigrade. They are often heated with alternate fuels to save on fuel cost. Because of high thermic fluid temperature, flue gas temperature is also high and requires heat recovery through air heaters. Our burners have the advantage of using these high combustion air in our system.

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