Sugar & Distillery Industry


During the brewing process, complex chemical reactions take place that convert malt, hops, water and yeast into beer. Steam is essential in this process for heating, cleaning and pasteurization process. To produce high quality beer while maintaining low production costs it is necessary that the brewing processes are operated as efficiently as possible, effectively using the heat available in the steam. To achieve this, it is necessary to consider the design and operation of the complete steam and condensate system, taking into account the types of processes, their individual requirements, the local environment and the types of beer being brewed.


Sugar / distillery has large water tube boilers using coal / bagasse as main fuel. Our burners are installed to fire biogas which is a by product in this industry. This will reduce the energy cost of main fuel which is expensive. Our several burners are working on these water tube boilers. These burners are tailor made to suit the furnace dimensions. Orientation of the burner is also as per the requirement of site conditions. We send our personnel to study the existing boiler and suggest the best location to mount the burner and accessories.


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