Standard Liquid Fuels

Standard Liquid Fuels

Standard-Liquid-FuelsLiquid fuels include Diesel oil like HSD & LDO, Kerosene, Heavy oils like Furnace Oil (FO) & LSHS, etc. Calorific Value of these fuels is ranging between 9000 Kcal/kg to 11000 Kcal/kg. These are obtained mostly by fractional distillation of crude petroleum or liquefaction of coal. Most liquid fuels in widespread use are derived from fossil fuels;


Liquid fuels are combustible that can be fired in the Burners to generate heat energy. Some common properties of liquid fuels are that they are easy to transport, and can be handled with relative ease. Also they are relatively easy to use for all engineering applications.


Liquid fuels have been and still are reliable and affordable heat supply fuels, especially if the need for heat is flexible. Our Industrial Burners are designed for required heat value range and meet necessary requirements in terms of emission parameters. All standard fuels offers different advantages and is suitable for different applications. Another big advantage is the availability of similar quality of these fuels worldwide, to an extent manufactured as per international standards.


We have standardized our Burners for liquid fuels, for Industrial applications. Our standardized burners series for Liquid fuels are designated as IBO series with numerical digits providing information about the heat output range. Our Burners are well accepted in the industry for last 30 years because of reliability, high efficiency, competitive costs and good after sales support. Combustion Concepts has ensured continuous improvements in Burner technology, yielding a cleaner environment, maximum efficiency and reduced energy cost to customers.

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