Solid Fuels – Pulvarised Coal

solid-fuelsCoal was first used as a fuel around 1000 BC. Subsequently, with the development of the steam engine, coal came into more common use as a power source. Coal was later used to drive ships and locomotives. In 20th century, the primary use of coal was for generating electricity, providing 40% of the world’s electrical power supply.


However, Liquid petroleum fuels, natural gas fuels were rapidly adopted, because they were more concentrated and flexible than coal. These fuels have become expensive over last 20 years and thus creating opportunity for utilizing coal(pulvarised) to reduce the energy costs in certain industrial applications. Calorific Value of these fuels is ranging between 5000 Kcal/kg to 6000 Kcal/kg.


We have recently started to promote “Pulvarised Coal Burners” with assistance from Chinese company “Zhengzhou Sinosun Machinery Co. Ltd.,”. Currently our Pulvarised Coal Burners are used in Rotary Kilns mostly for Asphalt plants. However, we are in the process of developing our burners for other industrial applications. Our standardized burners series for “Pulvarised Coal Fuels” are designated as MFR series with numerical digits providing information about the heat output range. Our Burners are well accepted in the industry for their reliability, high efficiency, competitive costs, good after sales support and more importantly reduced energy cost to customers.

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