We “Combustion Concepts” have been in the field of manufacturing, supplying, commissioning and providing after sales support for Industrial Burners for more than 2 decades. We have been successfully designing Burners for various fuels with improvements in burner technology to meet the needs of industry and also ensuring cleaner environment, maximum efficiency and reduced energy cost to customers.




  • Combustion Concepts Burners are the heart of Heating Appliances, extremely robust, even under extreme conditions of usage.
  • Achieve an extremely high efficiency level: They fully meet the demands of the energy saving and are eco-friendly.
  • Duobloc design, fully modulating and suitable for preheated air: Being duobloc, they have separate combustion fan and can be adapted to various heating equipments like boilers, hot air generators, thermic fluid heaters, kilns, furnaces etc.
  • Fuel flexibility: Can be operated on most of the fuels, i.e. HSD, LDO, Heavy oil, Natural gas, LPG, Biogas, Producer gas, Blast furnace gas, etc.
  • Combination firing: Simultaneous firing of low calorific value fuels like Biogas, Producer gas, Blast furnace gas with oil firing provides the user, advantage of maximum use of low cost fuels with minimum quantity of expensive oil.
  • Complete package from one source: Along with burners, Combustion Concepts also supplies Combustion Fans, Heating and Pumping units, Gas Trains, Control Panels, PLC systems, Burner Management Systems and Hot Air Generators, so that overall performance is guaranteed from “one single source”.
  • Service support: You have the pleasure of partnering with a company, which prides itself on professional service support, through a team of well trained service personnel.

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