Producer Gas Burners : IBP Series

Capacity :  0.17 MKcal/hr to 21 MKcal/hr
Range : (0.20 MW/hr to 24 MW/hr)
Fuels : Producer Gas, Coal Gas, BF Gas
Combustion Air : Upto 400 degree C


Salient Features :

    • Duobloc with unmatched flexibility
    • Low calorific value gaseous fuels mainly Producer Gas / Coal Gas / BF Gas can be burnt efficiently
    • All burners are modulating type with high turn down ratio (1 : 5) and suitable for continuous modulation
    • High efficiency, low maintainance and long service life
    • Can be supplied for combustion air temperatures upto 400 degree C
    • Fully Automatic with excellent safety features
    • Separate fan increases firing flexibility like high furnace back pressure or air pre-heating or no reduction in burner output capacity.


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