Power Regeneration utilizing waste


Waste thermal energy is one of the largest sources of inexpensive, clean and fuel free energy available. The vast amount of heat that is discharged into the atmosphere every day is one of the best sources of clean, fuel-free and inexpensive energy. Technological innovations in the last decade have made Waste Heat to Power (WHP) generation economically feasible, even for low to mid range temperature sources.  Costs of generating electricity from waste heat may now be even lower than coal fired generation, which historically has been the cheapest fossil fuel.


Municipalities can gasify garbage and convert it to power right at the source, instead of paying to ship it hundreds of miles to an empty landfill.  Dairy and animal feedlot waste can be gasified and converted to power.


Syngas generated from waste heat can be used as a fuel in our burners and used to produce hot air at high temperature. Combination firing can be used for makeup heat requirement. We have many burners installed for this application.

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