Oil Pumping & Heating Units


We offer HPU’s for various size burners. Design, engineering and manufacturing is done by us, depending on burner capacity.

Purpose of heating and pumping units is as follows:


(1)      Filtering of Oil.

(2)      Raising the oil pressure to required pressure for proper atomization of oil.

(3)      Heating of oil to the required temperature with the help of electric and steam heaters.

(4)      Keeping the oil at required pressure and temperature in circulation to enable the burner to be fired.


 Heating and Pumping Units, mainly consists the following:


(1)      Circulating header at inlet.

(2)      Duplex oil filter.

(3)      High pressure oil pump with motor assembly (1 No. working & 1 No. standby).

(4)      Electric Oil Pre-heater.

(5)      Steam Oil Pre-heater.

(6)      Safety Relief Valve (SRV) and inlet pressure regulating valve (IPRV).

(7)      “Y” type outlet filter.


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