Milk Processing Industry (Dairy Plants)


Steam and hot water are often used in the raw material processing stages of the production stage of the food products manufacturing industry, and milk, drinks and ketchup factories have refrigeration equipment in addition to boilers. Hygiene control, a common element in factories, is very important. Utilities include steam, cooling water, brine, compressed air, sterilized air and electricity. Along with the production process, wastewater treatment is also important. Most factories have storage, air conditioning and packaging equipment, and generators are fitted in case of power failure.


The gross energy consumption of the food products manufacturing industry is 2% of that of all manufacturing. industries, occupying 6th position. As for the gross energy consumption of separate industries, it is comparatively high in the bread, cake, livestock food products and sugar manufacturing industries.


We have several hundred burners working on boilers, thermic fluid heaters and hot air generators installed in dairy and food products industry. Our service department provides prompt and efficient service to maintain your heating equipment in excellent condition, thereby minimizing the break down periods to bare minimum.

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