Medium Calorific Value Fuels (Special Fuels)

Medium Calorific Value Fuels (Special Fuels)

Medium-Calorific-Value-FuelsOur Classification of Medium Calorific Value Fuels or Special fuels include Biogas, Hydrogen Gas, Syngas, Pyrolysis, etc. Calorific Value of these fuels is ranging between 3000 Kcal/m³ to 5500 Kcal/m³.  These fuels have considerable heat values and have been utilized by various industries to their advantage, because of lower cost of these fuels or their availability as by product in the industry.


These fuels are generated from biomass gasification processes, landfills, mines and sewage sludge.  They can be termed as medium calorific value fuels with high water content, corrosive actions and composition changes. The ordinary combustion concepts frequently do not guarantee sufficient flame stability. However, large volumes of Biogas can also generated in sugar industry from sugar cane wastes.

Fast pyrolysis liquids have been produced in the laboratory from numerous biomass sources. Most of the work carried out in larger than laboratory scale has been based on wood derived feeds.


We have standardized our Burners for these fuels, for Industrial applications. Our standardized burners series for Biogas fuels are designated as IBB series with numerical digits providing information about the heat output range. Our Burners are well accepted in the industry because of reliability, high efficiency, competitive costs and good after sales support. Combustion Concepts has ensured continuous improvements in Burner technology, yielding a cleaner environment, maximum efficiency and reduced energy cost to customers.


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