Hot Air Generators


Hot gas generators are used, if hot air / gases are needed for drying or other processes. There are two types of hot gas generators, direct type / indirect type. In direct type, dilution air / hot recirculating gases are mixed with burner flue gases and outlet temperatures can be as high as 1200 degree centigrade. In indirect type, air is heated with combustion flue gas in the similar way like steam boiler.


Indirect type hot air generators consist of double shell with inner shell (Combustion Chamber) as well as mixing chamber refractory lined. The dilution air / mixed gas enters the outer shell tangentially, flows between the inner shell and the outer shell and is mixed together with the hot gas at the end of combustion chamber. This way it also helps in keeping the combustion chamber steel cool. All our burners oil / gas / alternative fuel burners can be used on these hot air generators.

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