Fertilizers Industry


Fully integrated factories have been designed to produce compound fertilizers. Depending on the actual composition of the end product, the production process will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Large quantities of water are consumed for several purposes involving cooling, process, steam generating, floor washing and cleaning, etc. Steam is generated in these plants in huge quantities for heating, reforming, stripping and other purposes. This steam is generated in boilers by fuel combustion. The fuel type differs from one facility to the other, including fuel oil (mazot), gas oil (solar) or natural gas. Fuel oil (mazot) is widely used due to its cheap cost. On burning, it generates on burning air emissions with high concentration of sulphur oxides (SOx).


Air is also necessary for some operations such as drying and cooling. We have several installations in fertilizer industry. Number of reputed OEM’s have standardized on our burners for their equipments. We have also retro-fitted our burners on these equipments for changeover to standard fuels or alternative fuels. We also offer AMC’s to keep your combustion equipment in excellent condition and reduce your fuel bills.

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