driersBurners are used in a wide variety of lower-temperature drying applications to remove water from products that was added during the manufacturing process. These are lower-temperature applications that include paper manufacturing, printing and publishing, textile manufacturing, and food processing. Drying is defined as “a process in which a wet solid is heated or contacted with a hot gas stream, causing some or all of the liquid wetting the solid to evaporate.”


Drying processes include hot gas generators and burners using wide range of fuels. Some of the uses of driers are as under:


Phospate drying / Sugar beet pulp drying / Sand drying.

Iron Ore pelletising plants / Pulvarising mills / mill drying plants.


All our burners can be operated with a high excess air of 60 – 80% for the best burn out with a wide control range. The high excess air ensures a combustion chamber temperature of about 1400 degree centigrade which ensures longer life of equipment. Direct drying processes are used in many industries.

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