Combustion Concepts introduces for the first time in India latest German Technology from LAMTEC GmbH & Co. KG which is well proven and standardized by number of reputed burner manufacturers like Weishaupt, Oilon, Baltur, Saacke etc.


  • One centralized processor for all burner functions.BT300
  • Extremely precise and reproducible air fuel control for optimal combustion efficiency.
  • Choice of flame scanner UV/ionization Rod / infrared scanner
  • Integral valve proving system for gas leakage
  • Integral Load Controller for Pressure / Temperature.LCM100
  • Speed Control Module (Optional)
  • O2 / CO on line monitoring (Optional)
  • O2 /CO trim connected to DCM (Optional)
  • Display of Combustion Efficiency (Optional)

Unrivalled precision and repeatability:

The series 300 is a microprocessor driven controller which uses information stored in its memory to govern the position of individual modulating motors for air/gas/oil.  User defined set point positions give the commissioning engineer accurate control over any point from low to high fire.  To ensure repeatability of control, high precision motors incorporate high resolution feedback potentiometers in addition to positional interlock switches.  The feedback guarantees that the controlling microprocessor keeps the motors for air and fuel correctly synchronized throughout the burner modulating range.

Digital Combustion Management mainly consists of the following:

A.  Digital Combustion Manager:  Burnertronic 300

BT 300 controls the startup and shut down of the burner with integral “burner sequence controller.”   Flame Sensors UV / ionization Rod / Photo Resistor can be connected directly to the controller.

Diverse parameters like pre-purge time, post purge time, ignition and safety time, pre purge and post purge of the system by air servomotor can be set as per the requirement of the plant.

All functions of the burner like air/fuel ratio, valve proving system, safety interlocks, flame failure safety, load controller are through one centralized unit and completely eliminates external control circuitry.

B. Load Controller Module (LCM100)

LCM 100 is connected to pressure transmitter/ temperature transmitter (PID Controller).  Output from this is connected to DCM (BT 300).  DCM in turn gives signal to individual servomotors for air and gas.  Each servomotor is driven by a highly accurate microprocessor based control.  This ensures that air and gas valves are positioned to within one tenth of a degree.  Thus air fuel ratio is reproduced throughout modulating range as per the setting done during the commissioning.

C. Control & Display Unit  UI300:

UI 300 control and display unit is connected to BT300 and can be installed at a convenient position as selected by the burner operator.

All burner functions can be controlled directly by UI300.  No separate external elements like push buttons / switches are necessary.

D.  Servodrives for air/gas/oil.

Electronic actuator with class of protection IP54 with angle of rotation 90°.  Individual motor for air damper control, gas butterfly valve and oil control valve.

E. Variable Speed Drive Module VSM100 (Optional)

With the VSM100, the Burnertronic can control the speed of fan motors

F.  Lamtec Transmitter LT3 with Combination Probe KS1D (Optional).

On line measurement of Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO):

Lamtec Transmitter LT3 with Combination probe KS1D can be supplied for on line measurement of oxygen and carbon monoxide.  This also can be linked to BT300 for O2 tripping and CO control.  This is optional.

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